Consulting and Mentoring:

Artisan Culinary Concepts is derived from 17 years of high end, high volume, quality driven culinary industry experience. In addition, the previous 6 years were spent as Executive Chef and Restaurant Chef in The Sonora Room Restaurant at Burrowing Owl Estate Winery.

I am dedicated to sourcing the highest quality, freshest, local and seasonal ingredients. Being exposed to a chef’s dream, the ability to implement menus that are creatively inspired, sustainably, and seasonally sourced-prepared with classical methods, and innovative flexibility.

High profile exposure, and my relentless pursuit of culinary excellence has helped build the foundation for the consulting package. First and foremost, I have compiled a list of some of the high quality local farmer’s and producers, as well as business and service contacts. Paired with mentorship, this package can improve kitchen management capabilities such as: food and labour budgeting,costing and forecasting, maximizing efficiency for menu and recipe development,inventory spreadsheets with formulas,kitchen schedule worksheets,recipe templates and various other relevant kitchen management forms.

Drawing from many years in kitchen management, I have compiled  an invaluable tool for success, which is proven to be successful within the establishments I was involved in.As a creative minded, passionate and dedicated local chef, it is important for me to support local industry in every way possible. My hope is that my support, even in a small scale, will allow for potential of more abundant and readily available culinary products and services.With over 6 years of local networking, I have cultivated many relationships with like minded people.This has helped to show the need for mentorship in such a tourist driven, seasonal marketplace.

It is my ambition to help evolve the local culinary scene, by teaching interested operators and managers proven methods to help improve their opportunity for success.