First “Backyard Farm” Chefs Table Dinner

The first weekend of official launch has been a busy and exciting time for us! We had the opportunity to host a group of food and travel writers on a tour of the South Okanagan for an evening of food, great company and Maverick Wines. Bertus my good friend, neighbor and a seriously talented winemaker agreed to pair the menu with his wines, some of which are not released, and most certainly will be sought after…The menu was paired with some new vintage, and some of his hard to find first vintage. Old world wines, crafted with passion and dedication to quality-the end result was a very happy group of 12 guests. The walls of Backyard Farm echoed with laughter, stories and excitement. Here is the menu and a few pics of the inaugural event. Photos are courtesy of one of our guests, she mentioned something about a “food-gasm”. Both Bertus and I enjoyed a glass of wine afterward celebrating a friendship and partnership-more importantly a successful food and wine pairing event for happy people…….

First Course-Sauvignon Blanc

Poached Free Range Egg, Willowdale Farms Organic Asparagus, House Cured Bacon Shard, “Backyard Farm” Rhubarb Aoli.

Second Course: Origin

Pan Seared Rainbow Trout, Shaved Fennel and Sunflower Sprouts , Red Haven Peach Butter, Medley Organics Radish.

Third Course: Chardonnay

Cellared Pear and Smoked Parsnip Veloute, Chive Oil.

Main Course: Rubicon

Red Wine Braised Heritage Angus Beef Lasagna, “WTF” Blue Oyster Mushroom and Fester’s Organic Swiss Chard, Truffled Beetroot Puree, Cambozola.

Dessert: Maverick Port

Michel Cuizel Bittersweet Chocolate Pate, Red Wine Spiced Covert Farm’s Organic Strawberries, Burnt Almond-Coffee Brittle.DSC06109 DSC06115 DSC06102 DSC06105 DSC06108