Frolicking with the Easter Bunny…….A week in Review

IMG_0734The Easter Bunny and I have sure been busy this week……

And what did the Easter Bunny bring me???? Well I just finished laying the cove base in the kitchen area-no small task, but instant rewards once it is on! Feeling as though the best gift this easter weekend is a bit of time to reflect after a busy week. Ton managed to finish the entire floor, and the seating area is shiny with brand new “rough sawn” looking laminate. The man is simply unstoppable, and to think that not only did he single handedly lay the flooring over two days, but he removed and replaced both the French doors and the front door-and let me tell you the facelift is amazing…. Pair that with the stucco color going on next week, the roof is completely finished, and we are just awaiting the gutters to get installed. To say it was a busy last couple of weeks would be an understatement! The ductless heat pumps were also fired up on Thursday.

So as I am seeing the finishing touches come together, my vision is literally happening before my eyes. Humbling and impressive that Ton and I have managed to accomplish so much with our two sets of hands. I am so grateful for his help, knowledge and support. As it stands, we both have agreed that the end results are better than we even expected. Wanna see? Well I decided to keep the inside photos a bit of a secret, as it turns out they just don’t do it justice-I have decided that it will be best seen in person. When you may ask? We are still around 2 weeks ahead of schedule hoping for the health inspection to be accomplished the second week of may. Then I can start the laborious task of transferring my 19 year accumulated  pile of chef gadgets and equipment and begin oven trials and organizing the new kitchen for what is looking like an epic year of food and wine events, cooking classes, private chef table dinners and artisan catering. The last 2 weeks of may I will most likely have an “open house” to share my vision with those interested in learning more, cooking and dining with us. I will keep you posted as things transpire over the next 3 weeks. Official launch is slated for May 31st, and I am very much looking forward to decompressing and celebrating the efforts of the countless people who have made this vision a reality.

As for a recap, I had the pleasure of feeding the kids, as well as a reception for 24 local doctors and finalizing a Free Range Turkey dinner for a local family who purchased a gift certificate from me at Christmas. Loving the smell in the chef cave, I think we can all agree that the smell of a  roasting bird is a bit of heaven…

Things are busy around here, and Spring Event season has kicked off next week with the third annual Oliver and Osoyoos Winery Association OOsterfest. I will be attending the event paying tribute to the lovely little oyster, and I think Mikkel will be helping out as well-hope you got your tickets……Right around the bend will be the Covert Farm’s Pig Out event, always a great time surrounded by farm, food and wine-this one takes place on May 3rd, come check it out!! I will also be attending the Slow Food Dinner at the end of May. And so the season officially kicks off with an event at Culmina Winery for spring winefest, my first wedding at Road 13 on the 5th……Just rolling along!!

I hope to see you at some of the events in May, and be sure to keep checking out the status of “Backyard Farm” Cooking School and Chef’s Table-would love to show you around……..Needless to say, I’m pretty seriously excited.