Great Bear Patties for the kids!!!


I had the pleasure of a guest serving healthy treats to the kids Thursday this week at Tuc el Nuit Elementary. Tracy Lydiatt, Owner and the creative mind behind “Great Bear Patties”, generously offered to bring some healthy cookies for the kids this week. A fantastic fit really, as these little treats are gluten free, GMO free, lactose free, vegan and soy free. In addition, low sugar and sodium. Yes, we may agree this is already awesome enough, but they taste fantastic as well, the kids loved them-and they benefit all walks of life! It was my pleasure to spend a couple of hours with Tracy, introduce her to principal Foster, and give her a chance to see instant results from direct marketing to those discerning little palates. I am pretty sure she walked away with a bit of Feelgoodery-sending the kids back to class with a full belly, and healthy energy from a great product. Visit the website for more details, testamonials and details of where you can get your hands on this fantastic local, healthy treats….Eat well, Support our local entrepreneur spirit!!!


2013-02-08 20.39.37 Great Bear Patties are a sweet yet good for you treat inspired by nature. They are vegan chocolate-coconut-goji berry cookies free of gluten, dairy, and soy that provide a cholesterol free and low sodium chocolate snack for people who value their health and are on the go. Great Bear Patties stands for Better Planet. Better People. Better Poop.


Glutenfree_chocolategojiGreat Bear Enterprises Ltd provides sustainable energy solutions through food products which meet daily nutritional needs and provide a solution for people who: value their health; are on restricted diets; are on the go and want healthy snack options.

Great Bear Patties are organic, vegan, sweet (low sugar) cookies free of gluten, dairy, wheat, soy and nuts. They are Paleo-diet friendly and the perfect stop-gap snack between meals, after work outs or a healthy treat!


Gluten Free Crossfit Tracy Lydiatt

Former geologist turned sustainability specialist, Tracy Lydiatt has been an avid Crossfit athlete for over 4.5 years. She created the organic, gluten free vegan, dairy/wheat/soy free Great Bear Pattie cookies to support her desire to have a sweet, yet healthy for you treat that fit in with the Paleo (or Caveman) diet.

Taught to bake by her Mom and Grandmothers as part of family time, Tracy has been baking since the age of 3. The first time she took a crack at creating the Great Bear Pattie cookies, she looked into the bowl while mixing ingredients and thought, “Hey, these cookies look like bear poop!” (don’t worry….they taste great! We promise.)



Great Bear Patties is a partnership between Tracy Lydiatt, The Green Families Guru/sustainability specialist and Greenheart. The Great Bear Patties team is deeply passionate about the health of the planet and its peoples’. Great Bear Patties are proud to partner with organizations and groups focused on the conservation of nature and enhancement of human health.

Greenheart is a Canadian company that designs, builds and operates conservation based canopy walkways (canopy trails) and other nature-based attractions around the world.