Looking to Hire some cook hands for exciting upcoming season……..

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With the progress of the cooking school\ chef’s table really moving fast, I have decided to open a few positions to enhance our diverse, culinary driven business. I am looking for a dedicated, ambitious and responsible set of hands to help me with food production and preparation, from our farm of 125 fruit bearing trees, to our organic practice garden beds and dedicated local farmers and producer ingredients. Applicants must possess food safe,  and a willingness to learn and work independently when needed. It is our quality minded approach to “Backyard Farm” to table eating that has shown the demand for a private chef’s table-allowing us to host private bookings for up to 20 guests. All menus will be developed specific to individual clients, allowing for a vast opportunity to be exposed to all facets of the culinary industry. It is my hope to work closely to expand upon our retail product and preserving line, found in a few of our local winery and business supporters. In addition to the chef’s table concept, I will also be hosting private cooking classes and demonstrations-also allowing for diversity in menu development and recipe writing. The real beauty of this position is the opportunity to be involved in seasonal, organic practice farming, food and wine pairing, menu writing and implementation, on and off site high end catering, preserving and retail production, bread production, cooking classes, charcuterie and whole animal butchery, and feeding Tuc El Nuit Elementary’s students healthy local food. This position is for a candidate who is willing to be involved in all aspects of running an artisan kitchen and hobby farm.My approach to food is very simple-grow or source the freshest, highest quality ingredients and prepare them with classic techniques and innovative methods. I feel the only limitations in a kitchen is one’s willingness to learn, and dedication to our craft. The kitchen itself is located in the midst of the “Golden Mile”, surrounded by our orchard, and with an astounding view of the surrounding mountains.

I am looking to fill this position starting in or around May1st-15th, and anticipate employment until at least October 15th. Should business dictate, it may be year round, but would rather ensure that we cook well together. Wage is dependent on industry experience, and will include shared gratuities and family meal each work day. It will be made a priority to schedule 2 days off per week as well. Red Seal Certification is not necessary, and interested apprentices may have the opportunity to pursue necessary hours under my mentorship. I will request a “stage” or working interview from applicants to ensure we work well together in the kitchen, as well as to assess skill level to ensure I can offer an accurate wage. This is a possible sous chef opportunity, again dependent on experience and career goals.

If you are a cook’s cook, eager to learn and looking for an opportunity to learn in an inspiring cooking environment, please send your resume to:    chris@artisanculinaryconcepts.com

*We will also be looking for 1 or 2 additional sets of hands for peak season-a perfect opportunity for apprentices or young up and coming cooks looking to learn in a hand on, close mentorship environment. These potential positions will begin mid June until Mid October, perfect for a student interested in pursuing the culinary arts industry.

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