Project Update!!

What a month!!

Just wanted to share the progress of the new space as we have sure been busy! Ton and I have managed to finish all of the framing for the guest powder room, as well as the dishwashing area. This is a sneak peek of the new restroom-you can see Ton’s handywork all over the house, simply impressive the vision he has for this space. Took a quick trip to the big city, and came home with a 1000 square feet of flooring, and a few character pieces waiting to be put in their place………


Electrical is almost done being roughed in, soon to be plumbing, making way for drywall .Also ordered all of the shelving, and tables for the chef’s table as well as for the kitchen area-hoping to start seeing bits and pieces over the next 6 weeks. Bought myself a shiny new-to-me electric convection oven, a good guy deal through the gentleman installing the ductless heat\cool pumps-the kicker is it was only used for 6 months total, practically new! Tucked neatly beside the new beast is the other great purchase, a Hobart dishwasher that happened to be lying around in the shop at Finntech in Kelowna(recently pulled out of an interior health building)-came along with two stainless sinks and a stainless prep counter\shelving unit. Most certainly impressed and humbled by the support of industry friends and contacts wanting to see me up and running in June. Still trying to figure out a name for my new oven….


This past week, I submitted my application to Interior Health regarding the plans for the commercial kitchen equipment and layout, and obtaining a foodservice establishment permit. I am happy to say that it was approved the same day, with no necessary changes. In addition, we had a great meeting with Greg Byron, or Great Horned Owl Eco Tours this week. A bit of a visionary tour was followed by some great ideas of future passion sharing possibilities. We had coffee and strudel with new food friend Jeanette , talking about our plans for self sustainability in home and business and our love of “backyard” food infrastructure within our community. Really excited to see what she makes of my rambling tendencies when speaking about things I am passionate about……..

The TucelNuit Elementary School salad bar program has been a ton of fun, as I have had the opportunity to help serve lunches with the parent volunteers. Lots of high fives, great manners and excitement from the students-really humbled to have the parents tell me their kids are coming home talking about food. Many of the children are also a bit more eager to try things they wouldn’t have usually. It is a welcome challenge to cook for kids, and I have learned much about the youthful palate thus far, certain to come in useful in our family’s future. Principal Foster and I have been talking about having a parents eat with your kids day once in awhile- seems like a perfect opportunity to lead by example in healthier eating. As it has turned out Tuesdays are date nights for Mikkel and I-cooking together for the kids,and talking about the exciting changes on the horizon for us.

The ball is certainly rolling fast, as is time. Hard to believe that it is almost mid February, and we certainly are looking forward to the shift in season. The changes are getting drastic-still looking good for June 1st launch date……..Stay Tuned