Feeding the kids cool food………

school 1

Super exciting first day feeding some of the kids at Tuc El¬† Nuit Elementary, on the 2 day per week salad bar program. On the menu: “sneaky-sneaky” mac and cheese for the hot item(whole milk and pureed cauliflower, butternut squash and parsnip in the cheese sauce) plus a variety of fresh and colorful veggies, some Covert Farms Blue Potato Salad, Fester’s Organic Baby Greens, Oatmeal-Raisin and quince cookies, pears from the packing house, Sunshine Salad Dressing(My Peaches and Olive Oil Vinaigrette), and Sweet Pea Yogurt Dressing.

Talk about a learning experience-no kids yet, but my mandate is to get kids excited about eating healthy and local, all the while sneaking in a few healthy items to those kiddies who don’t appreciate vegetables yet……….

Tons of fun, and great to hear the excited giggles, and see the response to the offerings-not to mention a number of kids coming for seconds! Looking forward to cooking for the kids for the remainder of the year, and hopefully introducing even the most discerning of young palates to something new, and healthy!

Big thanks this week to the awesome¬† volunteers who did a bit of training with me, setting up and the helpful input into the likes and dislikes of their young ones. Also a big thanks to Doug at Fester’s Peppers for donating Organic Baby greens and Organic Heirloom Carrots for a great cause-and a thanks to Mikkel for the cookies she baked that were very much enjoyed, although no leftovers for me………..

Until tomorrow!